September 2012

38th Bardentreffen Nuremberg 2013, Friday 26th till Sunday 28th of July

Thanks for your interest in Bardentreffen, the largest annual event to take place within the historic centre of Nuremberg. For its 38th edition, which takes course over three days more than 200.000 visitors of all ages gather at eight different stages to listen to world music artists as well as singer-songwriters from all over the planet for free.

Over the years, Bardentreffen has become an important part of the Nuremberg cultural and music scene – and the event well known throughout the entire country. Formed in 1976 as a competition for non-professional singer-songwriters, it has turned into “the magnetic cultural event”, according to the national newspaper DIE ZEIT. Bardentreffen is a music festival that plays an important part in turning Nuremberg into the vibrant and culturally rich city it is today.

“Traditions, trends, experiments”, these are the basics of the festival, which focuses on singer-songwriters and world music artists, their traditions and their latest, contemporary forms of expression.

To be considered as an artist for Bardentreffen, you have to present selfcomposed songs. Cover bands or bands with a purely instrumental repertoire will not be considered. Please be aware that Bardentreffen is a world music and singer-songwriter festival. Music genres which do not fit with the festival concept are: rock, pop, country, jazz, reggae, gospel, blues, classical music, early music, klezmer.

Media partners are Bayerischer Rundfunk, Studio Franken, Plärrer magazine and Nordbayern Infonet. Sponsor is Sparda Bank Nürnberg.

The call for applications is open from 1st of October until 31st of December 2012. Send your apllication, including audio material, to the given address.
Please use copies, as we are unable to return your documents. The Final Selection will take place at the end of March 2013.

Stadt Nürnberg
Kulturreferat / Projektbüro
Herr Karl-Heinz Fischer
Herr Rainer Pirzkall
Hauptmarkt 18 / V. Stock
D- 90403 Nürnberg

Best regards,
Karl-Heinz Fischer
City of Nuremberg, Department cf cultural affairs